About Us

Our Organization has a board that helps to direct our activities as well as several committees that are outlined below.

Sharing and Caring Hands:When members welcome a new baby, we ask for volunteers to deliver meals to the new mother. We provide 6 meals for each new baby. We all know how wonderful this service is and how helpful it is during those first few weeks of bringing a newborn home.

Service Projects: One of the goals that the International club has set for all local chapters is that, under the international byLaws, we perform at least one charitable, humanitarian, or social welfare project each year. The Administrative Vice President (AVP) plans and coordinates these activities. At the end of each fiscal year we also donate roughly 80% of our income to local charities. 

Our monthly calendar of events provides all the information about what is happening each month in our club. Our monthly newsletter lists member birthdays, stork reports, board information, parenting tips/tricks and other noteworthy additions

Activity Types

Our group has a Calendar Committee who meet regularly to plan our monthly calendar of events. Below are some of the events you may seen on a calendar.

In-Home Playdates: Members are welcome to host in-home playdates. Attendees are in charge of bringing over a snack and the hostess provides drinks. Our in-home playdates are one of our best attended events! The kids love playing with the toys and the moms love to chat over some coffee! 

Moms Night Out- Each month there is one Moms Night Out (MNO). MNO range from bingo at a restaurant to yoga nights. We are always looking for fun and new ideas for our MNO! It is a change for you- the mom to finally get out and have some adult time!

Community Events: Our club is a great resource to stay up-to date on what is going on in the community! We arrange multiple community events throughout the year. Some examples: Fire Station Tour, Poilice Station Tour, Restaurant tours, cooking classes, parades, etc.

Member Meetings: Our member meetings are held at the local church Nursery. All members are welcome and encouraged to attend! This is a great opportunity to hear what's going on in the club.

JUMP (Just Us Moms Playing): We recently added a new type of activity called JUMP. This event is a sans-kiddos meet up. We usually meet at the local coffee shop for some good adult conversation!

Yearly Celebrations: Each year we have a Holiday Party as well as an End of Year Banquet (held in June). These events take the place of our MNO for the month and are a blast!

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